Dupree Medical provides a variety of First Aid Medical Services that accommodates events of all sizes including convention centers, hotels and arenas, indoor and outdoor sporting events and entertainment venues,. The experience and background of our staff enables us to customize the appropriate level of medical care for any given situation.

We provide the following medical services:

Our paramedics are ACLS certified with experience in Fire Rescue and Risk Management. Many are CPR and First Aid Instructors. Their experience qualifies them to react to all levels of medical emergencies in a proficient and professional manner.

Registered Nurse (RN)
If your event requires the presence of an RN, Dupree Medical nurses are ACLS certified and have vast experience in Emergency Room and Critical Care Nursing. They handle major medical and traumatic emergencies with prompt, proficient and professional care.

Emergency Physician
Sporting and competitive events sometimes require that a Medical Doctor is on location for the event. Dupree Medical physicians are available and ready to cover any emergency. In addition to on-site services, they specialize in Medical Planning for large publicly attended events, as well as providing VIP care.

On-site Ambulance Service can be provided upon request. We strongly recommend an On-site ambulance during large events. Dupree Medical ambulance services provide ACLS Equipment and emergent supplies.

Our advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Equipment is industry standard and includes cardiac defibrillator, ACLS drug box, airway equipment and intravenous solutions. We also provide wheelchairs and stretcher services. Other Specialized Equipment is available upon request.

Set up for each event includes necessary first aid supplies. These include, but are not limited to, the following: various bandages, blood glucose monitoring, ice packs, splints, portable oxygen, and over the counter medications. Our equipment is properly maintained, and all OTC’s are kept up to date.